Stove Servicing

Wood Burner & Multi Fuel Stove Repairs & Maintenance

Why should I have my appliance serviced?

Your appliance has parts that will wear out over time, such as bricks, ropes, seals and throat/baffle plates. This reduces the efficiency of your appliance, and begins to make your beloved stove look tatty and worn.

What happens during a service?

We will replace any worn out parts, and we are often able to respray your stove, making it look as good as new again!

If you have any queries, or just want some friendly advice, feel free to ring and have a chat.

Case Studies

Some examples of recent Stove Servicing work

  • Case Study 1

    • Chimney swept
    • Glass cleaned
    • Smoke stain removed
  • Case Study 2

    • New Fire bricks
    • Gaskets and Ropes Replaced
    • Fresh Paint Job
  • Case Study 3

    The clean burn baffle on this Stovax Stockton 8 had split in two and needed replacing.

    The appliance was made safe again and handed back to the customer in full working order.

  • Stove Refurbishment

    Everyone loves a happy ending!

    This little stove was rescued from the scrap heap thanks to full refurbishment, a shiny new liner and even a new chimney pot.

    Here it is just waiting for the cold to come back so it can carry on its life once again.