Chimney Sweeping

A clean chimney is a safer chimney!

Good reasons for regular chimney sweeping.

Prevent Chimney Fires

Through normal use tars and other deposits build up in your flue. These can affect the function of the chimney,

Improves Air Quality

Smoke can begin to come back into the room as chimneys block with tar buildup, birds nests and other debris. A clean chimney draws well taking fumes and smoke outside where they belong.

Supports Any Insurance Claims

We provide a certificate after each job, this is valid as proof to insurers the chimney has been well maintained in the sad event of any claim needed. It is also useful when selling your house to show to your potential buyers.

Why choose Towan Sweeps?

  • Family Owned and Run
  • Competively Priced
  • Registered with HETAS
  • Fully insured

Carbon Monoxide Alarms

Carbon Monoxide (CO) is a silent killer. A working CO alarm will alert you to the gas when it detects 30 parts per million (ppm) in the air in your room. A wood burner that is burning inefficiently can give off 20,000ppm, spiking at 40,000ppm when you open the door to throw another log on. That is enough to kill a person in just 3 minutes!

It is a legal requirement to have a sealed battery Carbon Monoxide alarm for every solid fuel appliance. Just ask and we will supply and fit an audible CO alarm, certified to EN 50291, for your peace of mind.

For more information see the HSE CO Awareness website

  • What happens when you sweep my chimney?

    No Mess Vac System – Around 1 Hour

    We understand it can be daunting thinking about where all the soot may end up, but we pride ourselves on leaving your house as we find it – or better!

    After a safety inspection, we seal the front of any open fire. Then we sweep your chimney with brushes, the current, most effective way to remove soot, tars and other build up, a high powered vacuum removes the soot safely into a sealed container.

    Safety Inspection

    We begin any job with an inspection of the chimney to ensure work can be carried out safely. We will let you know our findings and give any advice needed. We are registered with HETAS as a competent business, giving you peace of mind that the advice we give you is reliable and safety conscious.

    You can learn more about HETAS on their website.

    Certificate Issued guaranteeing sweep to British Standards

    The certificate issued is proof your chimney has been swept in accordance with British Standard BS 6461/BS7566 Pts1-4. These are recognised by all insurance companies.

  • How often does a chimney need sweeping?

    We will assess your individual needs but as a guide official recommendations by fuel type are:

    Smokeless Fuel – 12 monthly

    Household Coal – 6 monthly

    Wood – 3 monthly

    Gas – 12 monthly if designed for sweeping

    Oil – 12 monthly