Camera Surveys & Inspections

Find hidden damage quickly...

Why get a camera survey?

From the outside of your chimney we can only tell so much. However by having your chimney inspected by C.C.T.V we can get the best possible view of your chimney from the inside. Checking for internal damage can prevent fire hazards and ensure your chimney is in the best working order.

  • Safely check for internal damage
  • Prevent fire hazards
  • Ensure your chimney is in tip-top condition

How does a CCTV inspection work?

After sweeping your chimney we will insert the Camera. We can rotate the camera 360 degrees for a comprehensive inspection of the entire flue.

The inspection is recorded and a full written report, including images will be provided. The report will include any suggested remedial works and reasons why these should be considered.

  • How long does a camera survey take?

    With a sweep and inspection this can take around two hours.

    Then we will later compile the information and forward you the documents.

    If we can help further please call us for a free quote.

Case Studies

Some examples of recent Camera Surveys & Inspections work